Revolver CD Cover

Revolver CD Cover 2.6.1

Revolver CD cover makes CD,DVD labels design.

Revolver CD cover makes CD,DVD labels design.

Revolver CD cover makes professional design for CD,DVD, Blu-Ray labels. The working process is very easy. All you have to do is to choose a template and a type of disc cover, set your text and images and to choose type of printer paper. That's all. We automatized everything that could complicate your work. You can still change the options if you want to move on and to open the world of graphic design. Good luck in your creative work!

Our best feature is Revolver Slot Background Design Generator Tool, which gives you more than a million-and-a-half variants of original background designs. We turned the boring part of creating a beautiful background into fascinating entertainment. That's true! We inserted the principle of a slot machine into the generation of backgrounds. Everyone knows how a coin slot machine works. We bring the excitement of variants obtained by chance to concept of creating design backgrounds. You can pull the lever and get a lot of surprising background variants - everything is up to you!

- easy and intuitive dvd label maker interface.

- the workflow is very easy, reduced to three simple steps.

- more than 1,500,000 background design variations.

- ready-made background templates and cliparts let you diversify your model.

- prepared a lot of great designs for all varieties of boxes, discs, and booklets.

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